Massages/Hot stone therapy


Hands massage  (20min.)                £14.00
Foots massage  (20min.)                  £18.00
Back massage (30min.)                     £20.00
Indian head massage (30min.)   £20.00

Full body scrub                         £10.00

Slimming body wrap.  (  1hour +)      £40.00

(Including full body exfoliation, body brush, hands and feets massage with aroma oils and applying a special warming& invigorating creme  to the problem areas )

Baobab luxury full body massage  
  without exfoliation             £35.00 ( 45minutes)
with full body exfoliation   £40.00  ( 1hour)

This intensive massage is highly recommended in achieving firming and replenishing results. Baobab extract contains natural fruit acids and vitamins which enhances natural regeneration of the skin and improves elasticity. An innovation in anti-aging technology.  Baobab Massage Oil is rich in Baobab extract and Vitamin E. It will smooth your skin and produce a pleasant feeling in massage. The precious Baobab essential oil will reduce skin dryness, stimulate metabolism, improve lymphatic system, enhance circulation, remove toxins, and break down cellulite to  give you a 
tight, elastic healthy skin.

Aroma full body massage         £35.00 (45minutes)

Sweedish full body massage    £35.00 (45 minutes)

Hot stone massage              £40.00. ( 1hour+)
Benefits of hot stone massage
Calm the psyche
Improve circulation
Relieves pain
Releases toxins
Alleviates stress
Promote deep muscle and tissue relaxation
Health and conditions treated with hot stone massage
Muscular aches and pains
Back pain
Circulatory problems